What Clients Are Saying About Computers Made Easy

“I met Debbie a few months ago and asked if she could help a small group of “seniors” become iPhone nerds.  Debbie was more than up to the challenge.  She is a great teacher, organized, focused and knowledgeable. If she doesn’t know, she finds out.  We liked her so much she’s coming back for more sessions, and we think her fee is a bargain.  She prepared handouts to help us remember and reinforce our learning.  I used to hate Siri, now she’s one of my best friends, second only to Debbie.”

– Lary S.

“Pamela is an excellent guide, extremely knowledgable, and an exquisite teacher. Her perfectionism, combined with her gentleness, and acute efficiency make for a graceful and rich learning experience.”

– Rachael A.

“Eric is so-o-o-o knowledgable, patient and kind. Who could ask for anything more…..”

– Arlene H.

I’d also like to thank you [Dave] for your unfailing conscientiousness, courtesy, and consummate professionalism. You were an absolute breath of fresh air, given my unsuccessful attempts to remedy some of these myriad problems with the last two computer consultants I employed. Were I to bottle your experience and facility, I’d be wealthy beyond my most extravagant dreams.

– Peter H.

“An extremely worthwhile investment of money and time! Debbie is a patient yet efficient teacher, and was very responsive to my particular needs and interests. She served as the perfect guide to my new iPad, facilitating my readiness and capacity to explore on my own. I recommend her wholeheartedly.”

– Judith P.

“I really enjoyed working with Pam. She was really helpful and very nice and just relaxed and easy to learn from. It was a great experience. I will definitely use her again… I really appreciated the help!”

– Julie L.

“Eric Gold will be one of my main resources for future issues that occur with my Mac, iPhone and/or iPad. I was having trouble with syncing the three and Eric in a very patient and professional manner listened to my problem and then solved it rapidly and effectively. He then spent time making sure I understood the problem and how to solve it in the future. It was great having him assist me and I plan to call Eric for any future problems that may occur.”

– Jim B.

“Just quick feedback on how great Dave is. He’s fantastic! Dave is thorough, methodical, clear, efficient, and ever calm, patient and polite, and incredibly accommodating and flexible with my schedule.

I was having 3 problems: outgoing email stuck in my iPhone; lack of my work account calendar sync between laptop and phone; and, duplicate FEI calendar entries on laptop and phone. And, they’re all fixed now.

It took some time… But, in the long run, he got it and all is well. [Dave]’s a genuinely good person and represents Computers Made Easy very well.”

– Rey A.

“Debbie took my business identity from the slow lane to the fast lane! As a small business owner, it had been years since I worked on my company identity: website, email and auto signature.

Debbie was the architect and builder of my new website (www.becknermaintenance.com) and has applied search engine optimization to the pages one-by-one, in addition to making changes and continuing to edit the site. My mother told me she was “proud” of me after viewing my website for the first time.

Debbie organized, cleaned and reformatted the contact information for my 450 clients. She then moved them from my Quickbooks Customer Manager program (which is no longer supported by Intuit), to my new program ACT by Sage. With my limited PC skills, this one problem would have taken me several months to do by myself (she did it in about an hour).

Debbie also transferred the new contacts to Google so that I could access them on my iPhone, and updated the auto signature for my new email address @becknermaintenance.com (goodbye Hotmail!) with my logo/trade school certification badge and my new website address.

Debbie is an expert with the iPhone and is teaching me how I can use my smartphone as a powerful work tool! I am grateful to continue to work with Debbie, she is a valuable teacher to the technology challenged!”

– Randy B.

“Debbie, Thank you so much for upgrading my computer skills.  Before our half dozen meetings I was writing e-mails, creating documents, using Google, sending my photographs and using my iPhone the hard way.  I was unaware of how to save steps, lessen frustration and – in general – make my electronic life more simple and pleasurable.  To name a few specifics, you showed me how to utilize the potentials of Google, how to benefit from the calendar feature in my iPhone and how to better organize my writings.

But it wasn’t just what I learned that was important.  You were genuinely patient and caring.  During your tutoring I never felt like an idiot – one of the hazards for those of us who grew up reading Tom Sawyer and now ourselves feeling like Alice in Computer Wonderland.

Previous to our sessions I did know how to write using a word processor, how to send an e-mail and make calls with my cell phone.  I had graduated from college and medical school.  However, like many in the over seventy generation, I learned only the minimal amount.  I had never actually sat down with someone, explained what I would like to learn and received step by step instruction.  It took a certain courage to decide to enhance my rudimentary knowledge.  You made it easy by your in depth understanding, teaching skill and non-judgmental attitude.

I hope you follow through with your plans to expand your teaching of computer and related technologies to the senior set.  You will bring your students fun, satisfaction from achievement and increased pleasure in communication.  Your audience will enjoy their time with you and feel as inclined to praise you as I do.”

– Pete R.

“Debbie is an excellent computer and smartphone tutor. I saw her in action when she tutored my 70-year-old father recently. My dad had left his full-time job and was starting out as an independent consultant. He needed a new email account for his business. He also wanted to transition away from AOL for his personal email and get a GMail account.

At the same time, my dad also had just bought an iPhone and wanted to learn how to use Gmail and Google Calendar on his phone. Debbie set up these accounts on his phone and showed my dad how to use them.

My dad was so happy to have his tech life better organized. Debbie is knowledgeable, patient, friendly, and empowers people with knowledge. You can tell she genuinely loves to help people and she has a deep knowledge of technology from her 7+ years at Google.”

– Alexandra K.