Computer Tutoring For Baby Boomers

Learn To Sync, Stream, Connect, Even Date!

Many Baby Boomers have plenty of computer experience — after all, they’ve used email, spreadsheets, and the web for business and personal communication. But what about everything else out there? With iPhones, iPads, Gmail, streaming movies, even online dating and social networking, the computing world has taken a huge step forward in a really short time. If this makes you feel overwhelmed or even apprehensive, then we should talk.

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With Computers Made Easy, we teach Baby Boomers to get the most out of their Apple smartphones and tablets and their Mac and/or PC computers. We read the manuals, so you don’t have to. Think of us as your friends that speaks “geek,” and help you understand what it all means. Our clients feel confident in maximizing their technology while using their skills to lead a simpler, happier life. Our services help you:


If you need help with web browsing, Microsoft Office, or beyond, we can help. Whether it’s iPhones or smart fitness devices, wi-fi networking or the latest mobile apps, we’ll show you how to quickly and easily master your technology. Want to Skype with the grandkids, share your digital photos, or use a Fitbit to help you get in shape? From the very basics to expert-level techniques, getting connected has never been easier.

Meet People

The latest apps and websites make it easier than ever before to meet people. Maybe you’ve wanted to expand your social circle with like-minded friends but weren’t sure how. Or you even wanted to try dating with or eHarmony. As your guide, we’ll help you do everything from setting up accounts to crafting the perfect dating profile. After all, technology is just a tool for communication and human connection — so let’s make it happen!

Feel Secure

Your virtual space is just like your physical space — leave it alone long enough and it can get messy, disorganized, even vulnerable. We deliver peace of mind by showing you how to bring order to the chaos. Declutter your inbox, synchronize the vital information on your iPhone or iPad with iCloud, organize your finances with Quicken or just take control of your digital life; by learning how to truly utilize technology rather than just work with it, your devices and computers can be the best organizational tools you’ve ever had. Whether you are at home with your desktop, or on-the-go with your mobile devices, you should always have access to your data.

Let’s Make Computers Easy

Technology helps you stay in touch, meet new people, take control of your finances, and simplify your life — so what are you waiting for? Contact us today to discover how computers can truly be made easy.